Graphation University, or Graph-U as some like to call it, is a place where creators and Graphateers share the stories of their talents, triumphs, and stupendous awesome. Through Graphation University we offer regular classes in Los Angles at The Hive Gallery, and select courses throughout the country as part of GraphFest. Please email for specific course details as well as pricing and availability.


Writing With Coleman Hough - A frequent collaborate with Steven Soderbergh, allow Coleman to take you on a writing journey as only she can, through a series of unique mind and story expanding exercises.

Adapting Film Into A Comic Book With Josiah Golojuh - Join Josiah as he walks you through the process of scripting a comic book based on a film. He will help you isolate the best moments from the script/film to later translate them from moving to still images.

Directing The Short Film With Andrew McGregor - Allow Andrew to guide you through the process of realizing the vision of a short script as an actualized film.

Digital SLR Cinematography - Learn the ins and outs of shooting your film through the use of digital technology. Maximize technology for the most efficient beauty.

Narrative Art - Join our instructor as you walk through the process of the dynamic anatomy of a visually told story.

Email For Additional Courses that are so super secret they cannot be listed here!


Lovesick Fool

Lovesick Fool

Dominic Polcino - writer/director/animator

Recorded 10.21.10

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Lovesick Fool

Cockpit: The Rule Of Engagement

Jesse Griffith - writer/director

Recorded 11.18.10

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Lovesick Fool

Nobody Dies When Itīs Sunny

Niles Harrison - director

Recorded 12.16.10

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