Kimberly – A Documentary

February 14th, 2012 by Josiah

In the summer of ’98 a next door neighbor knocked on my door and introduced herself as Kimberley then tried to sell me a stolen Buddha. Not that I knew it was stolen but when she launched into a fast paced plea for money to help out a “really great guy named Tom”  who was in the hospital and that she was trying to raise funds….I looked at her 6 ft. 120 lb. frame, resembling more an animated corpse than a woman, and told her that I would not contribute to her drug addiction, split second later, she was in my face denying my accusation LOUDLY!

”What the HELL do you mean addict ?! Do I LOOK like a FUCKIN’ drug addict!!??’

‘For a second I cringed, was completely taken aback, then as I looked at her yellowed skin, her dilated eyes, I stammered ”well.. yeah” and just as quickly as she had reacted moments ago in anger, she deflated, shoulders slumped, fists unclenched and in a mercurial  change about tone,she seemed suddenly resigned. “Well.. yeah, I am a drug addict but I’m trying ta’ quit.” I wished her good luck, and was relived when she left my porch.

A few nights later, she was again knocking on my door. This time she was bloodied and bruised.”Will you let me in, pleeease?”she asked between split lips. I stepped aside and she swept in heading straight for my refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of vodka, saying ”Jeeze ‘n’ Petes this is gonna hurt!” Before she tipped back the bottle for a slug. It took another pull from the bottle and an accompanying shudder before she settled down to tell me the details. It seemed one of her ”friends” had been paid by a jealous woman, who’s young lover had been having sex with Kimberly to beat  Kimberly up and by the looks of Kimberly she had earned her money. The beat down had happened in full view of the onlookers, the residents of an apartment complex were she was living. By that time everyone there knew of Kimberly and no one objected to the public flailing. The object of the jealous woman’s affection/jealousy was a man by the name of Billy Leisure. It seemed that a few weeks before, Billy had defended Kimberly when she was being yelled at for pulling up flowers from someone’s garden. The property owner was in the midst of chastising Kimberly for her floral thievery when Billy came to her defense saying that it was just a few lousy flowers and a pretty woman like Kimberly deserved flowers. Well this struck her as chivalrous indeed and Kimberly repaid his gallantry by giving him a few freebies. Besides she explained, she felt sorry for him because he was awaiting sentencing for a crime that would land him in prison for a number of years. She also added, in a not so positive manner, that Billy exclaimed “Yer’ the best piece o’ ass I’ve ever had !” as he climaxed. On one hand she knew this was meant as a compliment but….

During the next week as I helped nurse her back to health I began to develop affection for her, despite knowing that my first impression was correct that she was a crack addict, prostitute. The affection was returned, partially, I assumed, because she saw  me as a soft touch, but also in a deeper fundamental emotional level. She really fell in love with me and this was where my problems really began.

– Charles Shipley Wince

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